Selena Gomez Launches “Mental Health 101” Initiative to Break Stigmas

Selena Gomez’s “Mental Health 101” Initiative: Breaking Down Barriers and Fostering Understanding.

Selena Gomez has taken a brave step by introducing her groundbreaking mental health initiative, “Mental Health 101,” in collaboration with her brand, Rare Beauty.

In a heartfelt Instagram post shared on Thursday, Gomez candidly revealed the personal significance of this campaign, stemming from her own struggles with mental health:

“If I had learned about my mental health earlier on—been educated about my condition in school, much like other subjects—my life’s path might have taken a different turn,” she reflected.

With a strong belief in seeking help and garnering support, the singer emphasised the transformative impact of mental health education on her life:

“Reaching out for assistance and gaining knowledge about mental health has profoundly changed my journey, and it has the potential to change yours too,” Gomez affirmed.

Launched to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month in May, the Mental Health 101 campaign aims to resonate with young people, a demographic close to Gomez’s heart.

“The world must recognise the importance of mental health,” Gomez asserted in her heartfelt letter. “It is as crucial as physical health, and I yearn for us to demonstrate this recognition through our actions, not just words.”

Central to the initiative is a call for increased financial support for mental health services within educational institutions.

Within her poignant letter, Gomez extended words of encouragement to those grappling with mental health challenges:

“To all those currently grappling with pain, please understand that you are not alone,” she offered.

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